Aphrodite 2013 Aphrodite 2013

“Little Nessie” hits the big time when she splashes onto the Coast to Coast AM website.

“Little Nessie” is the photo of the day on the Coast to Coast AM website

"Little Nessie" on the Coast to Coast AM website.

“No. 54” spotting

“No. 54” graces the pages of Colorado Homes and Lifestyles Magazine

Betsy Youngquist's "No. 54" was used in the Cherry Creek Art Fair's 2011 advertising campaign.

Super Beadwork Magazine Article

Super Beadwork Magazine’s June/July 2011 issues features Betsy’s work

Super Beadwork Magazine wrote a fantastic article in their June/July issue about Betsy Youngquist's art.

The latest project

Eyes and Beads

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