Masterpiece Exhibit and Sale AMERICAN CRAFT WEEK

Posted by Betsy - October 4th, 2015

This piece is for sale for $600 (shipping included). The proceeds benefit AMERICAN CRAFT WEEK (which is going on now). AMERICAN CRAFT WEEK did it right. They offered the artists selected from each state a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the art. The artists were able to set the percentage.
This particular See Star is layered in hand placed vintage bugle beads. The central eye was salvaged from the grounds of a German pre-WWII glass factory. The beads surrounding the eye include old African trade beads, glass beads and a plethora of vintage glass stones. The base of this creature was hand sculpted out of epoxy clay. Its back is completely beaded. See Star can hang on the wall or sit on a rock by the sea….I selected this beaded mosaic for AMERICAN CRAFT WEEK because I considered it to be especially nice….


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